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Warty the Witch and the Vanishing Voice

4.1 ( 3961 ratings )
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개발자: iOrbi LLC
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Take a trip through the whispering woods, and past the hill of horror where you’ll meet Warty Boil — the lovable witch with a knack for getting in and cleverly out of scrapes.

Oh dear, it seems Warty has lost her voice and doesn’t know where to find it! After a mishap at school, Mrs. Boil decides to teach the little witch a lesson by casting a spell that traps her voice in a jar. But when the jar is stolen by a wily-winged bat, Warty wonders if she’ll ever cackle again.

Will Warty ever get her voice back? And what is the eerie light coming from the mill on Horror Hill? Find out the answers to these questions and more when you join Warty and her friends on a wildly ghoulish adventure!

Warty the Witch and the Vanishing Voice features:

- The iPhone option to record your own voice — for a completely personalized storytelling experience.

- Bright, full color illustrations — put you right in the action with Warty and her friends.

- Optional on-screen text view — so you can choose to listen with or without text on the screen.

- An easy-to-use interface that lets you quickly jump to any page by tapping on the page number.

This charming story, the first in the Warty series, is sure to be a fast favorite that will be enjoyed over and over again.

Download Warty the Witch and the Vanishing Voice today!

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